Physical Vigor

I enjoy reading information that reflects the approach to physical fitness to that of the early days. As far back as Revolutionary times I’ve read how men (no offense ladies, but I am referring to yester-year at the moment) would encourage getting outdoors (regardless of the time of year) and doing tasks that promoted physical vigor. jfk_physical-activity
Chopping wood, hauling buckets of water, hunting, hiking, climbing and the like created physicality all too unfamiliar in today’s world. Today’s high-tech, glamorized training world promotes fitness as a means unto itself and doesn’t look at the big picture. And let’s face it, these activities can still be done today but are hardly taken advantage of.
I look at training as a way of promoting both men and women’s strength and fitness so they can experience good health, become more functional in life, allow for more re-creation and appreciate and enjoy the opportunity for physical vigor.