Undervalued Exercise #1


If my 38 years of experience has taught me anything it’s that “the basics” get things done – and done well.  One of the oldest and most effective exercises since mankind is the deep knee bend – one of the best, overall exercises a person can do when done properly. This exercise – whether it be done with no extra weight, dumbbells, barbell, rock, whatever – can strengthen not only the thighs (both front and back) when performed properly. It also strengthens the hips and midsection as well as creates flexibility and promotes knee, hip and ankle joints integrity. Another additional aspect is its phenomenal conditioning aspect it offers but there is a caveat – it needs to be done properly. This is not just an up-and-down piston type movement, it’s a deliberate execution that works from the feet and is one of those mind-muscle connections that makes the experience much more effective.


That’s A Fact, Jack!

The late, great Jack LaLanne was quoted as saying “If man made it, don’t eat it”. Jack’s point was tjackhat natural foods are best in their natural state – this is where you find the best sources of nutrients. Processing food – and we’re not just talking about the garbage isle here, we’re also including all the high-end “health foods” that are now conveniently processed for your convenience – can alter the food’s content and therefore hamper the quality so when selecting your foods, go with nature first and leave the man-made stuff alone.

Are you Part of The 1%?

Take a moment to evaluate the amount of time there is in a week. We all know there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. A quick calculation tells us that there are 168 hours in a week (24hrs x 7days) which in turn equates to 10,080 minutes (168hrs x 60minutes). If a person were to exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes they would be dedicating less than 1% of their time to exercise. Can you give up 1% of your week to get healthy?

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Top 6 Exercise Excuses

WebMD’s 6 reasons why people don’t exercise is not very surprising to me and nor should it be. I hear the same excuses (yes excuses, not reasons) when folks confess to me for some odd reason why they don’t get off their ass to improve their health. I rationalization and justification get the better of some people but this post is about a reality check for those who are still ignoring the facts.

So WebMD states the top 6 excuses are as follows:

#1) No Time. Well, there is an abundance of research that says even a couple of minutes throughout the day can improve health and fitness, that’s why offer training sessions that last no more than 30 minutes. In and out for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

#2 Too Tired. Of course you’re tired, you aren’t fit. Exercising promotes energy (when applied correctly, of course) but you need to break the cycle – start moving and you will increase your energy and your capacity.

#3 Kids! Kids or not, we all need some “me time” to be a better parent, spouse, employee, person so carving out a couple days a week to improve yourself is not a lot to ask for.

#4 Exercise Is Boring. Not with me it’s not. I utilize an array of safe, efficient and effective training methods and equipment to make getting fit and healthy fun, no drudgery.

#5 I Don’t Like To Move. (Wo)Man was predisposed to only do what is necessary to live so working, the family and other obligations are a necessity but guess what, so is exercise and exercise makes all those other things you do that much easier to accomplish.

#6 I’ve Tried Before. many people have tried to exercise at one time or another. Hell, only about 20% of the folks that own gym memberships use them on a consistent basis. Proper coaching and guidance will allow your time and money well invested. Accountability to yourself and a quality trainer makes “I’ve tried” turn into “I’m doing”.

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Why We Differ

I recently read an article, “Confessions of a Middle-Aged Crossfit Newbie” and the 49-year-old gentleman summarized his experience as follows:

#1 Beware the cult of CrossFit.
#2 CrossFit leads to injury at best and life-threatening rhabdo at worst.
#3 Communal classes, something I’ve never been a fan of. (see Concern #4)
#4 The high school gym class embarrassment factor.
#5 The cost.
#6 The argument that it doesn’t really train you for anything.

At FIT by FRED, we couldn’t be more different. Here’s how we differ point-for-point.

#1 No cult-like behavior here. We are independent, open-minded thinkers.

#2 Our focus is on injury prevention – in and outside the gym. Getting hurt while exercising is not proof that you are working hard. It’s counterproductive and senseless behavior.

#3 One-on-One Training is the only way to be properly coached.

#4 A private facility for private training in our 950ft well-equipped facility.

#5 We aren’t cheap but we aren’t expensive compared to others that offer less.

#6 We train you for life by focusing on improving your health and fitness.

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