Why We Differ

I recently read an article, “Confessions of a Middle-Aged Crossfit Newbie” and the 49-year-old gentleman summarized his experience as follows:

#1 Beware the cult of CrossFit.
#2 CrossFit leads to injury at best and life-threatening rhabdo at worst.
#3 Communal classes, something I’ve never been a fan of. (see Concern #4)
#4 The high school gym class embarrassment factor.
#5 The cost.
#6 The argument that it doesn’t really train you for anything.

At FIT by FRED, we couldn’t be more different. Here’s how we differ point-for-point.

#1 No cult-like behavior here. We are independent, open-minded thinkers.

#2 Our focus is on injury prevention – in and outside the gym. Getting hurt while exercising is not proof that you are working hard. It’s counterproductive and senseless behavior.

#3 One-on-One Training is the only way to be properly coached.

#4 A private facility for private training in our 950ft well-equipped facility.

#5 We aren’t cheap but we aren’t expensive compared to others that offer less.

#6 We train you for life by focusing on improving your health and fitness.

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Fred Fornicola