That’s How Winning Is Done!

RockyIt’s 1976 and I’m a sophomore in high school and a movie by the name of “Rocky” comes out. As we all know it’s   the underdog just looking to give his best shot – not at  winning the title but at just doing his best….for himself.

Over the years, the Rocky character has had some memorable lines but in his last movie “Rocky Balboa”, he shares his thoughts with his son in only terms Rocky can relate to – fighting. He analogizes how life will beat you  down if you let it, how it’s important to keep pushing no matter what happens. It’s the one thing Rocky knows,  and knows all too well. So why does our most famous and beloved fictional boxer  offer up these words of wisdom? Because it’s a credo –  a credo that should be evaluated on a personal level.

How many times have obstacles come across your path and you’ve allowed them to derail your goals? What do you do when times get tough and you want to quit exercising or following your nutritional program? Or better question may be why are you delaying improving your health and fitness?

Ask yourself “why”. Why didn’t you keep moving forward, why didn’t you have the desire to win and then give me a call.