Laying It Out for You

As a rule of thumb, my clients will perform full body workouts (we work all of our muscles in one session), train no more than 30 minutes in each session and have a training frequency of two to three times per week. I do, however, have folks that train with me once per week and do quite well at keeping their muscle tone and conditioning – assuming that they engage in other activities during the week that challenge their fitness level.

A majority of our work is performed using compound movements (exercises that use more than one muscle and joint such as a shoulder press, leg press and pulldown) for the hips/legs and torso to stress the major muscle groups. This gives us a better “bang-for-our-buck” as it has a tremendous benefit for the entire system. The arms, lower back, abdominals, hands/forearms and neck are all addressed on an individual basis. Our workouts are structured around joint safety and muscle balance which is orthopedically safe for an individual to handle such movements and plains of motion. There is a constant emphasis on proper form and execution of every repetition and hard work is not up for discussion – it’s a must for progression. It is (hard work), however, based on a person’s capacity to handle such work so no one is judged, just encouraged and treated on an individual basis.

Clients will perform an exercise while maintaining total control of the weight while moving slowly and controlled and terminate the set when another repetition cannot be performed in proper form. Rest between exercises is minimized but enough to give 100% effort to the next exercise, but we do not lounge about because our training is geared not only to improve strength and flexibility but cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well.

Each repetition of each set of each workout is personally coached by me in my facility. This is purely a one-on-one, private session dedicated to each client. I require no contracts or a long-term commitment, what I do require is the same dedication from my clients that I have in bettering their health and fitness.

So, it’s really quite simple. Come in one to three times a week, use good form, work hard, be dedicated to yourself and the process and see results!

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