Fred Fornicola Interview – Part 4

Tom: We have corresponded often over the past twelve years, and to be honest, Fred, often I go away from those encounters impressed, but scratching my head. Either I am an idiot or you are thinking beyond my capacity. 
Fred: I will admit I do think on a different plain quite often. I do try to have an open mind about everything. Coming from a philosophical and analytical thought process, I try to evaluate things and people from many angles. When I encounter something, whether I’m familiar with it or not, I try to look at it objectively. I look for its value and how I might implement it in my practice if it warrants it. I have strong feelings about my training philosophy, but I don’t shut down because someone is doing something I may not agree with or don’t understand. They could be doing something 180 degrees of what I do or recommend, but there still is something there I can learn from or appreciate. If anything, I can find camaraderie in someone who embraces what they believe in. My goal is to pick things apart for greater understanding, to shed some light on a situation to find a deeper reasoning, if there is one, and then share that with others.