Built On Basics

I pride myself on the fact that after nearly 40 years of being in the field of health and fitness, I still look forwresults FxFard to learning. Every day I read, observe, evaluate and innovate to improve what I can offer those entrusted to me. Over the many decades I have encountered countless trends (an issue I take great offense to as health is not a trend) and I have become disenchanted with the concepts of modern fitness. I continually see people taking the simplest of concepts and repeatedly convolute the “tried and true” merely for the sake of coming up with something new. The problem, folks, is that in developing these new fangled exercises and training approaches, these self-anointed gurus take little care or maybe better stated, have very little knowledge that most of what they are espousing aren’t the safest, most efficient and effective way of getting to where you want to go. Sure, variety is good, in fact, it’s necessary, but only to a certain degree. The “basics” are what have been around forever, have built strong bodies and minds and have been the backbone of health and fitness so please don’t be swayed by fancy and pretty because in the end you will always find that you are better off with what has been proven time and time again.