Practice What You Preach

I’m often amused when I read “experts” making recommendations to people when they themselves have little or no experience in what they are recommending.  How would one know what is truly involved unless they engage in it themselves? How does someone recommend performance tips, training strategies or work “with” the individual if he or she themselves haven’t actually engaged in the activities. Well, the answer is, you can’t!  bigbook

I’ve come across on a number of occasions from the self-anointed “world-renown” trainers making suggestions way out of their experience league. For instance, how does someone make specific strength training recommendations to an individual who is  an endurance athlete when he/she themselves don’t know what it’s like to run, bike or engage in functional activities outside the gym? Yes, intellect, research and possibly some common sense can be somewhat of an insight into what should be done, but to make definitive statements without having done so themselves is a level of arrogance and irresponsibility. Now I’m not saying that a person needs to experience every facet of functionality to be a good trainer/coach, but they better darn well have a strong level of expertise inside as well as outside the gym to provide a well-rounded, safe and effective program for their clients.