So What’s Wrong With Kettlebells?

So what’s wrong with the kettlebell? Well, nothing!

The kettlebell – which can date back to the 1700’s – has grown tremendously in popularity as a productive piece of exercise equipment. Most recently, the kettlebell has been attached to specific exercise protocols and philosophies and consequently, those who use kettlebells today tend to do so in a manner that I would deem unsafe.kettlebellholdoldschool-thumb-440x505 Consequently, the kettlebell (not the user) is misinterpreted and categorized incorrectly based on its current population of users. Exercises such as the snatch, hang clean, the swing which are associated with the kettlebell can also be performed using a dumbbell, sandbag or anything really that allows a secure grip. Conversely, the kettlebell makes a fine tool to use in conventional manners just as a dumbbell or sandbag would. In fact, using a kettlebell instead of dumbbell on certain exercises provides different leverages throughout the movement and adds a whole new dynamic to the exercise. I particularly like the kettlebell for 1-arm overhead presses, rows, curls, hammer curls, squats, suit case deadlifts, shrugs, lateral raises, standing calf raises, side bends, single sided squats and more. All of which provide a different stimulation when using the kettlebell so next time you see a kettlebell, don’t “pooh-pooh” it and ignore its potential for providing a safe and effective workout.