If you come to a trainer/coach for motivation then you are not seriously committed to improving your health and fitness. Depending on someone else to get you motivated means you aren’t ready because motivation comes from within. trainer9Too often trainer/coaches are misinterpreted in the media and unfortunately, in real life as well when they stand over their client yelling encouraging words when they really should be coaching your repetitions and teaching. Any schmo can what I refer to as “point and click” and tell you to do 3 sets of 10 reps in an exercise and make you feel beat-up after a workout (by the way, that’s your first sign to not use that person again) and berate you so you work hard. Find a coach, someone who works with your independent needs and before you waste yours and their time, make sure you are ready to commit to improving your health and ready to learn and make fitness a part of your daily life.