Gettin’ Fat This Winter

If you’ve read any of my writings, you already know that I am a big fan of staying as active as possible to improve all aspects of health and fitness.  Folks may enjoy walking, hiking, skating etc but personally, I really enjoy cycling. Because of my minor obsession, I have a couple different bikes that I use all for variety, to suit my mood or to achieve a different effect.  Equal to my enjoyment of cycling is my loathing of stationary exercise. I’m not being critical of stationary training, not at all, it’s just not for me and therefore I need to find other ways to increase my heart rate, lung capacity, buFatTires-1212BikeRidingRainyLakern some calories, clear my head and well, just have some fun during the colder month’s.

Over the years when it’s really cold outside, I’ve used different applications such as yoga, jumping rope and circuit style strength training – all of which provided me great benefits, but this year I decided I’m gettin’ fat with Fat Tire Biking. This will definitely be somewhat of a challenge for me as I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but hey, growing up on the east coast for the last 54 years has toughened me up to the winter month’s so I plan on taking the fat tires out a couple times a week.

I’ll post updates now and again of how my experiment is going.