Take’r Slow

Most folks when starting a new exercise program tend to go at it too hard, too fast. Heck, even if you have been exercising for a while and you are taking on a new activity, you still need to approach it with caution and let your body get a feel for what’s going on. injuriesThis is one of the reasons why most people don’t follow through with their exercise regimen, they are too sore, something may be “nagging” them or worse yet, they may be injured, all of which can prohibit further commitment.

I hear this often from folks who go to their local gym and some young buck beats the hell out of them the first time for an hour and the poor soul can’t do anything for a couple days. In my opinion, that’s totally irresponsible and just plain stupid! Same holds true for someone who goes out running or biking and tries to do too many miles or doesn’t want to start with a beginner program. We are all beginners when doing something new so do yourself a favor and take’r slow when starting out – you’ll have a better chance of winning when your the tortoise and not the hare.

I’ll Start Tomorrow

With the endless list of why exercise is so beneficial to a  person, I still can’t wrap my simple mind around why more folks aren’t out there working on their fitness.

Maybe it’s a lack of time? Well if it is, I can assure you a few minutes a day can be and has been proven to be beneficial when perprocrastinateformed on a consistent basis. Is it a lack of motivation? I can understand that – maybe it’s time to get into a group or coordinate a group of folks to walk after work or on your lunch break or maybe meet a friend at the gym or have some accountability other than to yourself.

Maybe it’s just that much easier to take a pill and let science temporarily fix your problem? Yeah, for now, maybe that’s your answer but when one pill leads to the next you may realize that quality of life isn’t there and you’re synthetically surviving. And maybe, just maybe you don’t really understand all the benefits that a simple and logical fitness regimen can provide you for a lifetime…..and if you don’t, isn’t it time you started?

Is It Time To “Reset”?

I created, for lack of a better word, a “cleanse” of sort to help folks kind of “reset” their body.  Most cleanses are to help people lose weight and detox, but most cleanses can be extreme and if the body is limited in nutrients (like most extreat-on-the-goeme cleanses are), the body can actually become more toxic.  Starving your body of nutrients is an unhealthy approach to accomplish anything and nature will do anything it has to do to stay alive.  My cleanse is simple, it’s designed to help cut some of those sugar cravings from processed snacks as well as simple carbohydrates (breads, sweets, pasta, etc), plus it gets you serious about making healthier choices even after the cleanse is complete.

You will find that by eating as I prescribe for 2-4 days you will have more energy, lose cravings for sweets and other simple carbohydrates as well as improve your body composition (lose some body fat). Those who have strictly followed this cleanse have lost anywhere from 2-8 pounds…but your mileage may vary.  The cleanse is simple in its approach: you will focus your eating solely on organic, non-starchy vegetables and fruits – THAT’S IT. There has been some confusion in the past as to what falls under the category of approved foods so I devised a chart of foods to select from. I also have recommendations as to how you should ease back into eating after your cleanse is over. Everyone of my clients who has followed the cleanse as it is prescribed has lost a minimum of 3 pounds and as much as 8 in just 3 days.

I recently did a 4-day FxF nutritional cleanse to reset some bad eating habits I had been accumulated. I decided to give Fred‘s cleanse a shot as a reset. It’s a simple formula: Organic fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Period. I used vegetable broth as a base for most meals and often made a pureed soup of various vegetables and matt1herbs/spices. Breakfast was usually a small amount of fruit(watermelon and strawberries), water, and maybe herbal tea. The first day was a little tough and was the day I was most hungry. Day two was easier and I began to notice how LITTLE food my body really needed, especially when the food it was getting was whole and unprocessed. By Day 3 it was rolling along nice – this was my initial stopping day, but I decided to extend it to Day 4 since I was feeling good. I slowly brought back in some foods on Day 5 and Day 6 was the first time I ate animal protein again. I was surprised at how much I did not crave the animal protein. I craved the crunchy snacks and cheese, which were the hardest to avoid. I have done a bunch of different cleanses in the past, and I would put this up there as one of the better ones for an impactful reset in a short period of time. My goal was not specifically weight loss, but I did drop 3 pounds during the week…Fred’s got the info if you want to give it a whirl….