I’ll Start Tomorrow

With the endless list of why exercise is so beneficial to a  person, I still can’t wrap my simple mind around why more folks aren’t out there working on their fitness.

Maybe it’s a lack of time? Well if it is, I can assure you a few minutes a day can be and has been proven to be beneficial when perprocrastinateformed on a consistent basis. Is it a lack of motivation? I can understand that – maybe it’s time to get into a group or coordinate a group of folks to walk after work or on your lunch break or maybe meet a friend at the gym or have some accountability other than to yourself.

Maybe it’s just that much easier to take a pill and let science temporarily fix your problem? Yeah, for now, maybe that’s your answer but when one pill leads to the next you may realize that quality of life isn’t there and you’re synthetically surviving. And maybe, just maybe you don’t really understand all the benefits that a simple and logical fitness regimen can provide you for a lifetime…..and if you don’t, isn’t it time you started?