So Maybe It’s Not In Vain…

When I write blog posts, it is my sincere hope that those who may read what I write will find my words worth reading and in some way, present an opportunity to have a positive impact on them. To be quite honest, I often think that a lot of what I write gets a slight “nod” from the reader to affirm my thoughts or maybe get a “hmm, that makes some sense” and off they go to the next piece of Internet news. readingBut hey, I don’t give up so easily. I find myself all too often immersed in the process of thinking, analyzing (just ask my wife, Lori) and I sharing my thoughts, so I probably won’t be quite any time soon. And hey, you never know when what you write may have an impact on someone (hopefully in a positive manner) and that person pays a compliment to you.

That happened to me yesterday with a new client, Kristina. She told me how she read my blog posts and my Facebook page and she told me how much she appreciated what I had to share and what influenced her using my services. Man, that couldn’t have been a better compliment for me and she truly made my day for sharing that. So, albeit I am not saying too much in the way of providing information here, this blog post is really for me as a boost in the arm that it’s good to know that time spent sharing doesn’t always go in vain.


Starting Them Out Right

My man Julien came to see me with is his 78 year Me and Julienold grand pop (my client) Charles – (yes, 78 folks and you would never know it) over the Christmas holiday and he came along to work out with me on the rope. Click on his name above to see this little 9 year old go after the rope. Our dialogue alone is worth the price of admission so turn up your volume.


Get Moving

This is such a great time of year to be outside and exercising. Yes, I know it’s a bit cold here in Jersey (that’s why those manufacturers make all that techie-material stuff), but we’ve been really lucky this year with our weather and even when it’s a bit colder like it is today (30 degrees and windy), you still can get out and grab a quick aerobic workout.

As I was discussing with my client Nicole this morning, being outdoors offers many advantages that may not always be noticed or valued. For instance, it’s a time to be alone and clear your head or if you runningwant company, it’s a great time to catch up with a friend or family member when you’re out on a walk or jog. It’s an awesome opportunity to do some type of open-eyed meditation, get reflective or just “go blank” and enjoy just being. Along with the intrinsic values offered, you are working on improving digestion, mobility, coordination, weight loss, a stronger heart and lungs and an overall boost of energy and brain function.

Whew – those are just some of the benefits a person can get from exercising outdoors….give it a shot a couple days per week and see how good you feel.