Get Moving

This is such a great time of year to be outside and exercising. Yes, I know it’s a bit cold here in Jersey (that’s why those manufacturers make all that techie-material stuff), but we’ve been really lucky this year with our weather and even when it’s a bit colder like it is today (30 degrees and windy), you still can get out and grab a quick aerobic workout.

As I was discussing with my client Nicole this morning, being outdoors offers many advantages that may not always be noticed or valued. For instance, it’s a time to be alone and clear your head or if you runningwant company, it’s a great time to catch up with a friend or family member when you’re out on a walk or jog. It’s an awesome opportunity to do some type of open-eyed meditation, get reflective or just “go blank” and enjoy just being. Along with the intrinsic values offered, you are working on improving digestion, mobility, coordination, weight loss, a stronger heart and lungs and an overall boost of energy and brain function.

Whew – those are just some of the benefits a person can get from exercising outdoors….give it a shot a couple days per week and see how good you feel.