So Maybe It’s Not In Vain…

When I write blog posts, it is my sincere hope that those who may read what I write will find my words worth reading and in some way, present an opportunity to have a positive impact on them. To be quite honest, I often think that a lot of what I write gets a slight “nod” from the reader to affirm my thoughts or maybe get a “hmm, that makes some sense” and off they go to the next piece of Internet news. readingBut hey, I don’t give up so easily. I find myself all too often immersed in the process of thinking, analyzing (just ask my wife, Lori) and I sharing my thoughts, so I probably won’t be quite any time soon. And hey, you never know when what you write may have an impact on someone (hopefully in a positive manner) and that person pays a compliment to you.

That happened to me yesterday with a new client, Kristina. She told me how she read my blog posts and my Facebook page and she told me how much she appreciated what I had to share and what influenced her using my services. Man, that couldn’t have been a better compliment for me and she truly made my day for sharing that. So, albeit I am not saying too much in the way of providing information here, this blog post is really for me as a boost in the arm that it’s good to know that time spent sharing doesn’t always go in vain.