A Little Reassurance

In what has been nearly 4 decades since I immersed myself in the field of health and fitness and I still marvel at what the human body is capable of achieving.  The body is a wonderful machine and when you are hitting on all the right cylinders, some really good things can happen.  Aside from the usual benefits that are generallynicole2 associated with consistent exercise, there are intrinsic values that come about.  You achieve clarity of thinking, a more relaxed approach toward life, a greater level of mental, physical and spiritual energy, a shift in confidence and to be honest, the list goes on and on.  Of course, there are other factors involved in, like I said, “hitting on all the right cylinders” but when that is achieved, good things happen.

I often challenge myself as a coach and a person that what I’m doing for my clients is ultimately going to make them better.  They entrust in me their health and their bodies and for me, that holds an enormous amount of responsibility which I take very seriously.  Because of this, I evaluate (probably way too often) a lot of what I do to make sure I am offering the very best I can to my clients.  My reassurance comes back to me often in various ways from my clients and for that, I am very grateful.  Today was one of those days.