Don’t Put Your Neck on the Line

It amazes me, no correct that, it angers me when I hear coaches of athletes – in particular young athletes – aren’t focusing on strengthening the cervical spine, especially if that athlete is in a sport that involves physical contact.  There is so much data and research now stemming down from the NFL to adolescent sports of both genders showing the devastating impact blows to the head and neck area can be for a person.

Neck Strengthening 101

And don’t be fooled thinking it’s only the guys who play football because it’s not. Young girls playing soccer rank up there in the #2 spot and as you can imagine and there are a host of other sports that are susceptible as well. But concussions are not limited to just these sports and the issue of reducing concussive forces really needs to be addressed.  Instead of wasting their time having these athletes jumping up and down on boxes or having them do some convoluted strength program for hours on end, make time to properly perform a couple exercises that help protect the neck and shoulders so that their athletes don’t become another statistic.