C’mon, You Can Spare 5 Minutes

I’ve been interested in the field of health and fitness for 40 years and and over that time, some things have changed dramatically, while other things (and for good reason), have remained constant.  For one thing, there has been a greater amount of research done on all aspects of health and fitness.  And less we forget the boom of information created or regurgitated by so many self-made experts looking to make a buck.  There is one thing that I think everyone can agree on and that is exercise and eating right has been proven over and over again to be beneficial to one’s health – assuming, of course, it is approached intelligently and consistently. jfk_physical-activity

Speaking of research, I recently read where just running 5 minutes a day can extend a person’s life expectancy.  Information like that makes me wonder why so many people just sit around when they can be out improving their life. Maybe it’s the media who is confusing everyone when they spout out that you need 5 hours of aerobic fitness each week and anything less won’t matter (an entirely inaccurate statement by the way).  Yes, it all can be very confusing and at times, paralyzing, but in a time when decisions are constantly being made for us and we have little or no control over particular situations, why would you not step up and take control of one of the most important things to improve the length and quality of your life?

Remember, a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. – Fred Fornicola