Get Steppin’

This is going to be a very short post with a short, yet specific point and that is this: WALK!

Walking is beneficial on many, many levels and I think everyone should engage in it daily.  To make life easier and my point more impactual, let me break it down for you.  On average, most people are awake 15 hours each day.  If one were to walk approximately 6 minutes each hour that would be 90 minutes of activity per day.  walkingDepending on stride length and pace/speed, most people will probably walk about 80-100 steps per minute.  Therefore, in an hour you could, in all practicality, walk 480-600 steps.  Multiply that by 15 hours per day and that will yield you approximately 7,200 – 9,000 steps each day.  Not bad!

If your unable to walk that much in a day, start out slowly but be consistent.  Even if you get a few thousand steps a day, it’s better than not. Each week add 5% to your previous total so you are progressive in your efforts.  Invest in a Fitbit, walk with a friend or family member, walk at lunch time, before/after work, weekends, etc., etc. but do yourself a favor and get walking!