mTOR: Boost Muscle Mass & Strength

In this segment, Clinical Nutritionist, Tom Mantos, N.C.  discusses  mTOR:  Mammalian target of Rapamycin.
mTOR is a very important pathway that increases protein synthesis and enhances muscle mass and strength. The goal then is to increase the mTOR pathway which can be accomplished in the following ways:
1. Intense weight training taken to momentary muscular failure with shorter, more intense workouts and longer recovery periods.
2. Equally important to activate mTOR is to provide the body with amino acids right after the workout (30-60 minutes), particularly the branches chain amino acid leucine. The leucine transport system increases mTOR activity. Research clearly shows that whey protein has the highest levels of leucine.
3. After an intense training session, take in a protein shake or bar that is made from whey protein and also has some carbohydrates to replace lost muscle glycogen. You can add fruit to the whey protein powder to make a shake. Often I will take a Pure Protein bar with me to the gym and eat it on the way home.
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