Dumbbell Training – for Strength and Fitness That Is.



June 2017 will mark 11 years since Matt Brzycki and I published our book, “Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness”.  Over those many years we are proud to say that we have sold over 25,000 copies world wide.

We haven’t produced a hard copy of the book in a while (yup, we went digital last year) so we decided it was time to offer our book again in print. It’s still the same old tried-and-true  information we wrote about a decade ago, we just changed our cover and have made our book available through CreateSpace as well as Amazon. We also have a follow-up to our original book entitled “Continuing Dumbbell Training” (digital format) which offers a few new exercises in addition to another 25 workouts from strength coaches from around the country.

A synopsis: Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness is not your conventional how-to book. With an emphasis on safety, it thoroughly covers all aspects of proper strength training while simultaneously debunking certain myths and misconceptions such as explosive training and sport-specific training. The book shows how to perform nearly 50 exercises with dumbbells in a safe and effective manner. Unique to this type of book is the inclusion of more than three dozen dumbbell workouts that have been submitted by approximately 24 strength and fitness professionals from across the USA.


The Five Components of Health & Fitness

A FREE pdf of my breakdown of the five major components to improving health & fitness

Five Components of Health and Fitness


Exercise has this natural, infectious quality that most try the trainer 3folks experience once they get going. The problem, for most, is they never seem to get going so to encourage those people along, I offer my “TRY the TRAINER” Special. Becoming fit and healthy can seem overwhelming at times, but the essence is quite simple so I emphasize a pretty much straightforward approach that anyone at any age can do.

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The CRON-O-Meter

As part of my life-long interest and professional responsibility, I  am continually searching for useful information in the field of health and fitness.  Today, while I was doing my continued research on WFPB (Whole Food, Plant Based) diets I ran across yet another online food journal.  As I am a curious sort, I registered and put in my pertinent information and then logged this mornings activity along with my breakfast.

CRON-O-meter is an online, mega-powered diary log that enables a user to quickly track their food intake for the day.  Not only will they be able to track calories, but CRAN-O-meter will break down nutrients as well.  Below are two snap-shots of what my breakfast break down looks like for this morning.  I apologize, but I could not get the full picture but this should give you enough to work with as far its capacity.  I really like this application and will be recommending it highly to my clients.