The CRON-O-Meter

As part of my life-long interest and professional responsibility, I  am continually searching for useful information in the field of health and fitness.  Today, while I was doing my continued research on WFPB (Whole Food, Plant Based) diets I ran across yet another online food journal.  As I am a curious sort, I registered and put in my pertinent information and then logged this mornings activity along with my breakfast.

CRON-O-meter is an online, mega-powered diary log that enables a user to quickly track their food intake for the day.  Not only will they be able to track calories, but CRAN-O-meter will break down nutrients as well.  Below are two snap-shots of what my breakfast break down looks like for this morning.  I apologize, but I could not get the full picture but this should give you enough to work with as far its capacity.  I really like this application and will be recommending it highly to my clients.