Riding & Running On The Right

I know this seems counter intuitive to most, but the law (and safety experts) require cyclists and runners (and even pedestrians) to be on the right side of the road – meaning you ride (run, walk) with traffic, not against.  I am confronted all too often with people who are riding or running against traffic which then forces me off the shoulder of the raod and into traffic lanes.  An all too dangerous scenario, especially at higher speeds.  This post comes at a time when a client of mine was recently struck on his bike (fortunately he suffered only a broken wrist) by a motorist who cut him off to grab a parking spot.  I myself had someone do the same thing to me this weekend as she decided hanging a U-turn over double yellow lines and cut me off as I was going 20MPH all so she could get that special space near the boardwalk.  So, if you are out recreating, please know the rules of the road.  Motorists, as I suggested in an earlier post, please be observant of those not in cars.  That parking space will wait.  You just may save a life.