Get Fit Now

“The first step to achieving a goal is setting one”. – FF


Health is about the body and mind being in harmony, while Fitness is the ability to be functional in life. Working on these two aspects will enable a person to obtain more of what life has to offer.

Ever since I opened my doors back in 2003, I have touted the importance of improving health and fitness for a better quality of life. Over my career I have personally supervised over 40,000 training sessions and during that time, the art of improving my clients’ health and fitness is a continuing deeper passion for me. I’ve built a unique relationship with each one of my clients and this personal connection has always fueled my desire to increase my knowledge and skills, resulting in an improved experience for everyone. My individualized service focuses on body, mind and spirit and will only improve as time goes on as I continue to grow my particular brand of health and fitness in and outside the training studio. – Fred Fornicola