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“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live” –  Jim Rohn

Ever since 1973 I’ve been intrigued with health and physical exercise. In 1976 I started my first serious approach to becoming stronger and more fit and I’ve never stopped since. Over these past 40 years, I have spent countless hours researching, discussing, analyzing, evaluating and engaging in the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle which has enabled me to develop an overall philosophy of applying safe, efficient and effective applications for improving each clients individual health and fitness needs. The results speak for themselves as you can see from what some of my clients have to sayMy facility offers a well-equipped, energetic and friendly environment that is conducive to making your fitness experience a productive and enjoyable one.  Improving health and fitness is not only about the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Give It A Try


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