More Evidence for Movement

If you read any of my writings, you will know how important I think daily movement is….particularly when it focuses on aerobic activity.  The trendy folks today (and some of those stuck on old credos from the 70’s) don’t think that direct aerobic activity is necessary.  Well, I’d like to say that I respectfully disagree.  Aerobic exercise is vital to your overall health as explained in this recent researched article .  Raising your heart aerobicrate is the key component to improving your fitness, but how you do it is also important.  Without getting too deep into details here, breathing heavy doesn’t necessarily mean your heart rate is elevated….at least not to the level you may think it is. That panting you may experience after a hard anaerobic (without oxygen) effort is the body trying to supply oxygen to the working muscles.  Plus, the left ventricle of the heart improves in strength and efficiency.  Now, I’m not implying that strength training under isn’t important.  Under the right conditions, proper strength training (and other forms of anaerobic exercise) provides tremendous benefits and is one piece of the puzzle in achieving better health and fitness, but don’t be fooled for one minute that you don’t need to improve your aerobic system through direct activity because you do.

The New Adult Entertainment

As an older and (hopefully) wiser fitness professional, I don’t get caught up in all of today’s trendy health and fitness escapades.  Daily I read about “the latest and greatest” convoluted approach to fitness and I just shake my head in disbelief.  It’s amazing as well as saddening that today’s fitness culture has lost its way.  crazy_exerciseIt appears that workouts and trainers are focused more on entertainment than actually improving ones health and fitness levels.  I’m not saying that all that’s out there in today’s fitness world is bad, but as a whole, a persons individual needs, abilities, goals, commitment, drive and most importantly, safety are rarely taken into consideration. That’s something everyone should consider when they are taking advice from the latest self-anointed guru with a new trick up his/her sleeve.


Exercise has this natural, infectious quality that most try the trainer 3folks experience once they get going. The problem, for most, is they never seem to get going so to encourage those people along, I offer my “TRY the TRAINER” Special. Becoming fit and healthy can seem overwhelming at times, but the essence is quite simple so I emphasize a pretty much straightforward approach that anyone at any age can do.

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Anyone Can Do Intervals

Interval training is usually associated with all-out, gut busting effort, brunning3ut it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. In fact, we probably engage in interval training more often than we recognize such as walking up a flight of stairs or hurry across a street to get to the corner.  Another means of achieving an interval effect is to keep rest periods to a minimum while strength training (that’s how we do it) to get the best of both worlds.  In this quick clip, leading authority on interval training, Dr. Martin Gibala talks about walking and intervals.

Got A Minute?

Dr. Martin Gibala of McMaster University in Canada                                stairs                                              has been a big proponent of high intensity intervals for some time now. He recently released a new book entitled The One-Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That’s Smarter, Faster, Shorter” which explains in detail the many benefits to exercising briefly and intensely.  He and his staff have performed numerous research projects over the years with great results and recently they have  expanded their works to offering significant findings in how effective something as simple as stair-climbing can be. Could it get any more convenient than this?



Christmas Gift Card

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Man Flow Yoga™

A couple years back, I spoke to a young man by the name of Dean Pohlman. I inadvertently found Dean when I was doing my research on different types of yoga as I was learning for myself and my clients. Dean in particular had an interesting take on yoga and me being me, well, I just had to speak with him. Dean probably doesn’t remember talking with me (I’m not very memorable as most know), but we exchanged some thought regarding exercise and what his specific approach of yoga he calls Man Flow Yoga™. To say I was impressed with Dean would be an understatement and I incorporated some of his ideas into my practice.  Over the last year or so I haven’t been as consistent with my yoga budead MFYt still implement certain poses based on their value and I incorporate certain postures as needed for my individual clients. Recently, I have rekindled my enthusiasm for yoga practice and again, Dean came into the picture but this time in a form on an e-book he has recently published entitled Yoga Basics for Men.  The description of the book is listed when you click on the link so I won’t cover what’s already there, but I can tell you that this a very thorough, well documented with excellent text and accompanying photos of how to execute specific yoga poses properly and safely. And ladies, don’t let the name fool you, MFY is not just for the guys. Dean invites everyone to take part in his form of yoga practice.  He developed his style of yoga with the guys in mind because –  according to his website – yoga is still a woman-dominate activity and  Dean wanted to take into consideration that guys are generally less flexible than women and he wanted to exhibit how his approach can get the fellas strong, lean, fit and flexible also. You may also want to check out his many free videos on YouTube and get a sense of his Man Flow Yoga approach.

Authors Note: This review of Dean and Man Flow Yoga™ was unsolicited. I just find extreme value in what he is doing and wanted to share with others so they to may possibly benefit from his experience and knowledge. – Namaste, baby!