The CRON-O-Meter

As part of my life-long interest and professional responsibility, I  am continually searching for useful information in the field of health and fitness.  Today, while I was doing my continued research on WFPB (Whole Food, Plant Based) diets I ran across yet another online food journal.  As I am a curious sort, I registered and put in my pertinent information and then logged this mornings activity along with my breakfast.

CRON-O-meter is an online, mega-powered diary log that enables a user to quickly track their food intake for the day.  Not only will they be able to track calories, but CRAN-O-meter will break down nutrients as well.  Below are two snap-shots of what my breakfast break down looks like for this morning.  I apologize, but I could not get the full picture but this should give you enough to work with as far its capacity.  I really like this application and will be recommending it highly to my clients.



Type 2 Diabetes: An Unnecessary Disease?

Years ago, what is now known as Type 2 diabetes used to be referred to as “adult onset diabetes”. The reason being is that this insulin resistant disease mainly occurred, well, in adults.  Today, there are many young obese youngsters and therefore, the distinction to the disease needed to cover a larger (no pun intended) demographic.  The sad thing is that according to some research I recently read, 80% of type 2 diabetes can be avoided! WOW!!!

So here we are having to change the criteria needed to categorize type-2-diabetes-boy-cartoon-598x414a group of people instead of encouraging a greater need to help adults and more importantly, obese young people that there is a very serious issue here – one that can be handled not via medication but by exercise and proper eating habits.  This is very concerning that children and adults will possibly suffer needlessly with heart disease, neuropathy, Alzheimers,  skin conditions, kidney problems and more.  So here’s a simple solution if you are one who suffers from type 2 diabetes: get off your ass, get moving, put down the donut, make a conscious and concerted effort to improve your health and do whatever you need to do to overcome the potential results of what this disease can do to you.  The greatest opportunity you have lies within you.

Vitamin D: Critical for Good Health

Vitamin D is critical to good overall health…..allow me to explain.

Vitamin D is converted into a hormone by the body and serves many critical roles. It helps maintain bone health, has an important role in reducing inflammation and has a major impact on the immune system. If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, you increases risk of bone loss, inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases as well as cancer. In fact, d3Vitamin D3 has been shown to ward off the flu virus.

Normally, sunlight is converted to Vitamin D on the skin but areas in the northern area of the country have serious deficiencies, especially during the colder months. At your next blood test, have your doctor test your Vitamin D by measuring 25- hydroxy. The range given is 30-100 but you want to be in the optimal range which is 50-60. If you are levels are deficient, take an extra 1000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 for every 10 points that you need to increase and then re-test in 16 weeks. Liquid D3 (1 drop equals 1000 IU’s) is preferable since it is better absorbed but capsules will work as well.

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