To The Point

In the most simplest of terms, I recommend the following for a healthy life:

  1. Exercise a couple times a week. Make some sessions easy, make some hard.lessons

  2. Eat wholesome, natural foods.

  3. Get outside. Walk, run, bike, strength train, read, hang with friends…outside.

  4. Be nice to people.

  5. Pay it forward.

  6. Repeat the list above often.

Exercise has this natural, infectious quality that most try the trainer 3folks experience once they get going. The problem, for most, is they never seem to get going so to encourage those people along, I offer my “TRY the TRAINER” Special. Becoming fit and healthy can seem overwhelming at times, but the essence is quite simple so I emphasize a pretty much straightforward approach that anyone at any age can do.

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Anyone Can Do Intervals

Interval training is usually associated with all-out, gut busting effort, brunning3ut it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. In fact, we probably engage in interval training more often than we recognize such as walking up a flight of stairs or hurry across a street to get to the corner.  Another means of achieving an interval effect is to keep rest periods to a minimum while strength training (that’s how we do it) to get the best of both worlds.  In this quick clip, leading authority on interval training, Dr. Martin Gibala talks about walking and intervals.

Got A Minute?

Dr. Martin Gibala of McMaster University in Canada                                stairs                                              has been a big proponent of high intensity intervals for some time now. He recently released a new book entitled The One-Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That’s Smarter, Faster, Shorter” which explains in detail the many benefits to exercising briefly and intensely.  He and his staff have performed numerous research projects over the years with great results and recently they have  expanded their works to offering significant findings in how effective something as simple as stair-climbing can be. Could it get any more convenient than this?



Reduce Inflammation…Right Outside Your Door

A new study shows how as little as 20 minutes of walking can help reduce inflammationwalkingpeople      If you are having trouble with inflammation – and inflammation can effect muscles, joints, bones, cause headaches, gut problems, vision and much more, getting out and walking at a deliberate pace might be helpful. It may not heal you entirely (and then again it could so it’s certainly worth the time to try), but it can and will play into your pain-management plan.


Type 2 Diabetes: An Unnecessary Disease?

Years ago, what is now known as Type 2 diabetes used to be referred to as “adult onset diabetes”. The reason being is that this insulin resistant disease mainly occurred, well, in adults.  Today, there are many young obese youngsters and therefore, the distinction to the disease needed to cover a larger (no pun intended) demographic.  The sad thing is that according to some research I recently read, 80% of type 2 diabetes can be avoided! WOW!!!

So here we are having to change the criteria needed to categorize type-2-diabetes-boy-cartoon-598x414a group of people instead of encouraging a greater need to help adults and more importantly, obese young people that there is a very serious issue here – one that can be handled not via medication but by exercise and proper eating habits.  This is very concerning that children and adults will possibly suffer needlessly with heart disease, neuropathy, Alzheimers,  skin conditions, kidney problems and more.  So here’s a simple solution if you are one who suffers from type 2 diabetes: get off your ass, get moving, put down the donut, make a conscious and concerted effort to improve your health and do whatever you need to do to overcome the potential results of what this disease can do to you.  The greatest opportunity you have lies within you.

I Have Some Exciting News To Tell…

Victoria Albano has been a client of mine for 7 years. She was and still remains one of the top trainees in my facility with regards to her level of commitment (she drives 70 minutes each way for her workouts), effort, focus, love of training, learning and life.  She expands beyond the walls of the gym and doesn’t wait for life to come to her, she goes out and grabs it – and does it with gusto. Vicki and I speak often and share ideas, bounce things off each other and provide honest feedback so img_4734we can help each other improve on all aspects of life.  I never laugh so hard as when I’m in her company as her sense of humor and infectious smile brighten my day.

Vicki took the summer to be adventurous, doing what she loves by exploring life, meeting new people and letting things happen the way they’re supposed to. In August Vicki  and I were talking about her next step and I posed the idea of sharing her knowledge and passion with others in a formal environment and asked her if she would join me and become a trainer at FIT by FRED.  Since establishing my personal training practice 13 years ago, I have been a solo operation.  I never seriously considered having someone else in my facility  before, but knew that Vicki would be a tremendous plus for my business in all aspects.  After careful consideration, Vicki has decided to join FIT by FRED and I couldn’t be more excited.  Vicki has many skills in addition to her personal training ability with the inclusion of a strong Life Coaching background, Reiki, Guided Meditation and dealing with a rare disease.  I know that her clients will get to experience much of what Vicki has to offer and will certainly be changed for the better because of it.

Fred Fornicola,

Fitness Specialist