mTOR: Boost Muscle Mass & Strength

In this segment, Clinical Nutritionist, Tom Mantos, N.C.  discusses  mTOR:  Mammalian target of Rapamycin.
mTOR is a very important pathway that increases protein synthesis and enhances muscle mass and strength. The goal then is to increase the mTOR pathway which can be accomplished in the following ways:
1. Intense weight training taken to momentary muscular failure with shorter, more intense workouts and longer recovery periods.
2. Equally important to activate mTOR is to provide the body with amino acids right after the workout (30-60 minutes), particularly the branches chain amino acid leucine. The leucine transport system increases mTOR activity. Research clearly shows that whey protein has the highest levels of leucine.
3. After an intense training session, take in a protein shake or bar that is made from whey protein and also has some carbohydrates to replace lost muscle glycogen. You can add fruit to the whey protein powder to make a shake. Often I will take a Pure Protein bar with me to the gym and eat it on the way home.
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Safe and Effective Flu Prevention

Homeopathy – which has been known to medicine for over 400 years and founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – is based on likes curing likes and the body healing itself.  With the following remedy, you will have a simple, inexpensive and safe approach to helping prevent the flu for the whole family.

hahatma-gandhiTo prevent the flu this season, get the homeopathic remedies Arsenicum Album (30C strength) or higher and Influenzinum (30C strength) or higher in potency.  Both of which can probably be found at your local grocery or health store and definitely online.  The average cost for these remedies is about $5-6 and will last you for years.

Take a plastic throw-away bottle with a cap and without touching the pellet, put one of each in 8oz water. Allow the pellets to dissolve and keep refrigerated.  Once a week, shake up the bottle 3-4 times, pour some of the remedy in the water bottle cap and pour in your mouth.  That’s it.  If you are exposed to someone with the flu, take one dose daily for 5 days to help ward off catching their bug.  Here are some guidelines to follow:

*Take 20 minutes from food and one hour from coffee.
*If the stomach flu is going around add Nux Vomica 30C or higher to the bottle.
In addition, adults are recommended to take an additional Vitamin D3 1-2000 IU per day.
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Vitamin D: Critical for Good Health

Vitamin D is critical to good overall health…..allow me to explain.

Vitamin D is converted into a hormone by the body and serves many critical roles. It helps maintain bone health, has an important role in reducing inflammation and has a major impact on the immune system. If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, you increases risk of bone loss, inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases as well as cancer. In fact, d3Vitamin D3 has been shown to ward off the flu virus.

Normally, sunlight is converted to Vitamin D on the skin but areas in the northern area of the country have serious deficiencies, especially during the colder months. At your next blood test, have your doctor test your Vitamin D by measuring 25- hydroxy. The range given is 30-100 but you want to be in the optimal range which is 50-60. If you are levels are deficient, take an extra 1000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 for every 10 points that you need to increase and then re-test in 16 weeks. Liquid D3 (1 drop equals 1000 IU’s) is preferable since it is better absorbed but capsules will work as well.

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