It has been well over 40 years (now that I think about it, it’s probably 45) that I have been interested in physical fitness.  Being physical came natural to me and I was always curious about how the body worked and how to make improvements.  My initial intrigue in how the body responded to exercise came from my love of basketball when I was about 10.  I would work on all sorts of specific drills to improve my performance and discovered that those drills not only helped with my skill set, but also improved my strength and fitness.  It’s been four and a half decades and I still enjoy exercising and learning as much as I can but hey, it’s not for everyone.

11.19.15-Accountability-Buddy-IIMost folks know the value of what consistent and safe exercise can provide, but few actually get out there and do it.  As I mentioned in my previous post, you only need to dedicate about 1% of your time each week to improve your strength and fitness, but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm as I do and may need a little “nudge” to get going.  I had an interesting conversation with an older, female client yesterday.  Being a gentleman, I never asked her age but I know she is in her early 70’s (you would never know it by the amount of things she does in a week) and she trains three times a week with me for 30 minutes (she used to come in twice but upped her sessions because she felt better with more activity).  She drives 45 minutes each way and gives 110% effort every single time.  Yesterday I said to her that I still can’t figure out why people would not engage in physical activity when they know how good it was for them.  I mentioned that if people were to just start they’d feel the benefits immediately and she agreed.  She stated that one of the important aspects for her was having an appointment.  A valid point since most people won’t make time on their own to exercise, but having accountability to herself as well as to me contributes to her success in coming in three times a week….religiously.