A Little Bit of Somethin’

I often have clients ask me about what they can do when they have limited time or equipment, are feeling stressed or can’t find motivation to be active and I remind them of a little saying that I have that “A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing”.crosstrain

What that means, simply, is that any activity: do a set or two of push-ups, go for a mile run, practice your body weight squats, take a walk around the block of couple times, maybe even park further away when you go to the mall….anything can be better than doing nothing and believe it or not, it all adds up. Too often the media represents an unrealistic approach to exercise and health, making it much more complicated than it needs to be therefore paralyzing most folks into doing nothing. Hey, remember P90X…well if you didn’t have an hour or more to do the daily workout what would you end up doing for the day? NOTHING!  How can that possibly be good for you?

Now, of course, we need to rest too, but I am referring to someone who may strength train once per week but is sedentary the other six days of the week.  And keep in mind that with holidays comes more stress and more caloric indulgence so staying active is even more important for your overall health.